Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Beauty of the Blog

I took one year off of blog writing. It wasn't intentional. Part of it was a function of my workplace (which made accessing the Internet a bit difficult). Part of it was a need to devote nights and weekends to completing my PhD. Part of it also was a need to detach myself from the burden of writing. Blogging becomes addictive in the sense that one feels a need to keep coming up with things to write about, to keep the comments coming, to keep the blog interesting. Although I promised myself I would write regardless, I found myself trying to elicit responses, to keep a dialogue going, to keep my few readers interested.

With time, I have been able to recognize that the Blog itself can be therapeutic, as long as remember the spirit. I now know, that if I blog in a forest alone, it does make a sound.

Life is Beautiful

Ever have an experience that normally would get you all up in arms. One in which you feel violated. Taken advantage of. One which ordinarily would get you seething. Burning. Offended. Yet, this time, you are surprisingly taking it in stride. Naturally disappointed, but comfortable with the outcome. ever have the experience of being pleasantly surprised with yourself that you are not getting bent out of shape over something that in the past would REALLY bend you sideways.

Now, imagine it happening so frequently (the feeling of taking things in stride) that such an event no longer amazes you. Imagine being so calm, so zen, that life begins to play itself out in a manner that provides its share of pleasure and disappointment, but never injustice.

What would life be like? I have such days now and again. I'd like to learn to have them more frequently. Would you?