Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Big Game is coming to town...

and all I want to do is mingle with a bunch of sports radio nuts, talking shop, exchanging random trivia and selling people on Detroit. I have no interest in the Vivid, FHM, Playboy, or other VIP parties, where it costs $100s just to get in and you are ignored if you don't either stink of money or look like somebody's sex toy.
No, what I want to do is hit Radio Row, at the GM Wintergarden, hang out with the DFN crowd like Seanny B, the Diesel, and Tony and No Show. I want to meet Jim Rome, talk Detroit sports with Mike and the Mad Dog, and try to find and stump the Schwab.

I don't care about celebrity...all the sports world in one place!!! Better than Heff's mansion, I'll tell you that. Oh, by the way: Steelers 29 Seahawks 24.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Big Game is coming to town

Shh! Don't tell anyone, but the big game, the extra large Kwame version of football excess, is coming to town, and I won't be there. That's right, I'll be here for the week of parties, red carpet VIP stuff. I'll be mingling with all the celebs, jock sniffers, and other Stump the Schwab wannabees. But on the day of the game, you won't find me within 100 miles of here. That is right, I am escaping to the Great Wolf Lodge. Why? I don't know, something about a water park in February that has a hot tub and a bar and lots of large TVs sounds more and more appealing to me...

Maybe I am losing my edge

Back in the saddle again

So people have been giving me a hard time for leaving Dear Dave Dombrowski for over a month. Well, what do you want, people? I was trying to send a consistent message to Tigers management!! I still believe that deal will get done before the next time a team goes 35 and...oh wait a minute, that just happened.

So let me chime in with my opinion that it is more difficult for a baseball team to go 35-5 than it is a basketball team, although I am very much impressed with the way the Pistons have been mauling the competition. People have been giving all sorts of reasons why the Pistons run is more impressive than the Tigers run. I can't fault them for their position, but here is mine: Statistical analysis will show that (a) 5 times in the past 20 years, NBA teams have either matched or exceeded the 35-5 start of the Pistons and (b) top NBA teams routinely win 30+ games out of their first 40. So the Pistons winning 35 games is only 3 or 4 games better than the Spurs, Mavs, etc. The best start in baseball over the same period may have been the Cardinals of a couple years ago, and I think (without looking up stats) that they were around 33-12. Most years, top MLB teams win between 25-28 games out of 40. So, simply put, the stats suggest it is more difficult to do it in baseball and the evidence is that no team has come close to the Tigers 35-5 start.

I am too lazy and tired to give a better argument than this