Thursday, February 02, 2006

A night on the town

I had been itching to get out and soak in the energy of Super Bowl week for awhile, so my buddies Airtime and Chrysler Guy heade out for several hours to see and be seen. The evening began with a vist to Hooters to say hi to Andrew Siciliano and the fine Fox Sports Radio team broadcasting live on location. I am sure you are familiar with his work on FSR, as well as the ocassional subbing for Rome (BTW, he is by far the best at that). After spending some time there, we headed downtown. A stop at the Town Pump whetted our appetite, and we observed members of the mayor's security detail drinking while the mayor hosted a party at Centaur.

But of course, the night was young. Chrysler Guy wanted to hit the Hard Rock Cafe, and we walked down Woodward, past several buildings with temporary bars and clubs, and several street guys trying to sucker peole into providing them with enough gas money because their wives were in labor on a car on the freeway which had run out of gas. The Hard Rock was a major disappointment, with lots of older, fatter people who looked like they could be Steeler fans. We walked up Broadway to the Detroit Beer Co., which I expected to be more happening, but was itself rather dead. It was useful though as a place to take care of business, and on we went back to the car, which we had paid a nobody $5 to let us park in a lot he had no ownership over.

We drove from there to Greektown, parked in the structure on monroe and headed to the Ole Sheleighleigh, where we saw Sean Salisbury, and later on (you guessed it) Andrew Siciliano. We stopped in to the Greektown casino to validate our parking card, drop a few bucks, and headed on home. So, to summarize, 1,2,3,4,5 bars...1 casino, 3 beers, 2 trips to the bathroom, and a few sport celebrity sightings.

Oh, and we did bump into someone I knew from my dojo, who is no hawking t-shirts called "Detroit Classic."

The night revealed one thing: Steeler fans outnumber Seahawk fans about 100 to 1.


Blogger Air Time said...

I was just listening to Sean Beligian who said they had a lot of people over at Comerica Park, including Chris Berman, Tom Jackson and Kevin Jones.

10:08 AM  
Blogger SportPsych Detroit said...

was it open to the public?

7:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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